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2009 Bearhawk


  • Location: Morgan, Utah
  • Make: BearHawk
  • Model: BearHawk
  • Year: 2009
  • Engine: Lycon IO-540
  • Prop: 3 Blade MT
  • TTAF: 600
  • Engine Time: 600 SMOH
  • Prop Time: 319 SMOH
  • Airframe Log Book: Download PDF
  • Engine Log Book: Download PDF
  • Prop Log Book: Download PDF


This highly modified Bearhawk has all the bells and whistles is ready for some extreme backcountry flying!
As the pictures show, this airplane has proven itself in several rugged environments. Hard to find a more
loaded Bearhawk than this one!


IO-540 LyCon port and polish
Dual Pmag ignition system
Heavy duty main gear
ACME Shocks
35 in Alaska Bushwheels
Acme StingerTailwheel Suspension
Baby Bush Tailwheel
Hall Bros VGs on Wings
Micro VGs on stab
Gap seals
Keller double slotted Fowler Flaps
Alpha Systems AOA
Dynon Skyview Panel

Price: $Sold