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Carbon Cub FX-3


  • Location: Cedar Park, TX
  • Make: CubCrafter
  • Model: Carbon Cub FX-3
  • Year: 2018
  • N Number: N25FX
  • Engine: CC363i
  • Prop: Hartzell Trailblazer
  • TTAF: 210
  • TTE: 210
  • Engine Time: 210 SNEW
  • Prop Time: 210 SNEW
  • Last Annual: 09/20/2022
  • Interior Rating: 9
  • Exterior Rating: 9


The third generation of the Carbon Cub, with a pilot-controlled constant-speed propeller and even more horsepower than the iconic Carbon Cub SS, delivers the best performance, efficiency, and speed available in the Carbon Cub family. With CubCrafters exclusive lightweight CC363i engine, the Hartzell Trailblazer propeller, a maximum gross weight of 2,000 lbs., and amazingly comfortable cockpit ergonomics & cabin heat, there simply isn’t a more versatile 2-place tandem backcountry aircraft available anywhere.




AeroSport Power® Assembled CC363i Engine, 186HP
Magnesium Accessory Case
Spin-On Oil Filter & Vernatherm
Bendix-style Fuel Injection System
Carbon/Carbon Cold Air Induction System
Hartzell® 80″ Composite Constant Speed Propeller (dynamically balanced)
Lightweight 40 amp Alternator
Dual Electronic Ignition w/backup Battery System
Iridium Spark Plugs
Lightweight Hartzell® Starter
Odyssey® SBS-J16 Battery
Automatic (heated) Alternate Air Source


Two 22 Gallon Wing Tanks (44-gallon total capacity)
Fuel Selector Valve (Left, Right, Off, & Both)
Gravity Feed Fuel System – No Header Tanks
Mechanical & Backup Electric Fuel Pumps
Fuel Sight Gauges in Wing Roots
Fuel Filter and Low Point Drains
Front Fuel Step on Landing Gear


3 Color Custom Paint Scheme – Urethane Paint (Silver/Graphite/White)
Medium-weight PolyFiber® Fabric Covering
4130 Chromoly Steel Fuselage Tested to 2,000 lbs. (+50% reserve at MTOW)
Factory Float Kit / Welded Airframe Reinforcement Option
Garmin® GA-35 WAAS GPS Antenna
Comant® CI-121 Com Antenna


Super Cub Airfoil – USA35(B)
Aluminum/Composite Wing Structure Tested to 2000 lbs. (+50% reserve at MTOW)
Flaps – Three Positions: 15°/30°/46°
Full Span Vortex Generators Both Wings
Aerodynamically Balanced Empennage / Tail Section
Lightweight LED Landing Light & Strobe Package


CubCrafters World VFR panel Upgrade
– Analog Airspeed Indicator
– Analog 20,000′ Altimeter
Garmin® Area 796 Portable Aviation GPS
– GPS Navigation (waypoint/heading/track/vnav)
– Background Synthetic Vision
– GPS Maps, VFR Sectional Charts, IFR Charts
– Terrain Warning (visual and audible)
Garmin® G5 Electronic Attitude Display
– Digital Airspeed IAS
– Digital Altitude PA
– Digital Attitude Indicator
– Digital Inclinometer
– Digital Directional Gyro
Garmin® GPS 20A (ADS-B Position Source)
Garmin® GDL 39R (ADS-B In Reciever & Free WX)
TRIG® TY91 Compact VHF Radio
TRIG® TT22 Compact Mode C Transponder
PS Engineering® PM3000R Intercom System
TruTrak Vizion® Dual Axis Autopilot
Electronics International® CGR 30P Engine Monitor
– Digital Tachometer
– Digital Oil Pressure/Temp
– Digital CHT Monitor
– Digital EGT Monitor
– Digital OAT Monitor
– Digital Fuel Management
SmartMonitor® Electrical System(s) Monitor
Mid-Continent® TA-102 Dual USB Port


Dual Flight Controls
Dual Toe Brakes
Advanced Ergonomic 3-D Printed Stick Grip
Electric Elevator Trim on the Control Stick
Pilot Push-to-talk in the Control Stick
Co-pilot Push-to-talk in the Wing Root
Pilot & Co-pilot standard headset jacks in the wing root
Powered ANR Headset Jacks in Wing Root (Bose/LEMO)
Adjustable Fore/Aft Front Seat
Stow-away Rear Seat (fixed rear seat option available)
Lap Belt & Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses
Windshield-mounted Whisky Compass
Oregon-Aero® Leather Memory Foam Seat Cushions & Covers
Full Composite Floorboards
Ignition Status Lights (left / right)
Carburetor Heat Control
Fuel/Air Mixture Control
4-Zone Cabin Heat System – Pilot, Passenger (2 zones), Heated Defrost
Master switch/Avionics Master/Circuit Breakers/AP Level Button
12V Auxiliary Outlet w/Dual USB
Flat Black Glare Shield
Dual Swing-out Windows
Tinted Windows and Skylight
Cabin Fresh Air Vents (2X)
Rear Cabin Cargo Tie-down Points
Extended Baggage with Rear Access Door
Upgraded Baggage Area Carpet Liner
Cup/Bottle Holder for Pilot
Dual Headset Hooks


3X3 Heavy Duty Carbon Cub Landing Gear
6″ Grove® Wheels, Double Puck Brake Calipers & Rotors
AOSS Titanium & Elastometric Polymer Suspension
26″ Alaska Bush Wheel® Tundra Tires
Dual Parking Brakes
3200 Style Tailwheel
ABW Tailwheel Spring
Non-skid Pilot & Passenger Steps


Front & Rear Seat Inertia Reel / 4-Point Harnesses
Audible Stall Warning Horn
Audible & Visual AOA Indicators
Terrain Warning (visual and audible)
Headerless Fuel System
Kannad® 406 Integra ELT (Built-In GPS)
Left & Right Visual Fuel Gauges
Dual-action Safety Fuel Selector Valve
Complete 4130 Reinforced Fuselage
Right Ignition Backup Battery System
Halon Fire Extinguisher