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1968 Mooney M20F



Alternator Conversion, LED Landing Light, Challenger Air Filter, Electronic Tach, Standby Vac, GAMI Injectors, Air Wolfe Remote Oil Filter, Pre Oiler, Fuel Bladders, Sky Tech Starter

201 Windshield Conversion, Oil Cooler Relocation, Cowl Enclosure, Caliper Direction STC, Flap/Aileron Gap Seals, Wing Root Fairing STC.

Normal cruise 155kts on less than 11GPH


Com1: King kx155
Nav1: King KX155 G/s
Nav2: King KX125
Transponder: Garmin GTS-327
Audio: Garmin 340 (4 Place)
ADSB: Uavionics Tailbeacon
Britain PC Wing Leveler
Engine Monitor: EDM 700

Damage History

Accidental nose retraction in hangar 1996. Repaired nose gear and lower cowling.